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Providing support and resources to independent insurance agencies seeking an alternative ownership arrangement through strategic acquisition.

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The Benefits of a Partnership with Keystone Agency Investors

A powerful partnership that truly makes a difference.

Keystone Agency Investors (KAI) is fundamentally based on the principle that the only way we thrive is to empower and support the partnerships we are fortunate enough to develop.

Our ideal partner shares our values and is looking to develop a long-term relationship with a partner that is not only fully committed to their success, but capable of delivering.

When you partner with KAI, we’ll give provide your agency with the autonomy you deserve, the financial security you need, and the resources and support to thrive and grow.

  • We give you autonomy of your agency.
  • We ensure you make the most of your assets.
  • We help your agency grow.
  • We offer exclusive tools for agencies.
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The Partnership Your Agency Needs

Here at KAI, we are dedicated to the agencies we partner with, and are focused on ensuring your agency thrives and grows to compete in the ever-changing insurance industry.


Keep running your agency with a trusted partner.

If you’re like any of the other agencies we partner with, you’re committed to the agency you’ve built over the years. That dedication is exactly what we look for in building a partnership because you keep your autonomy with the added bonus of accelerating growth.

  • Continue to run your agency and preserve what you have built.
  • Maintain your presence in your community.
  • Identify future leaders.

Financial Security

Continued peace of mind.

Ensure that the years you’ve put into building up your agency pay off. A partnership with KAI can help give you the financial security and peace of mind you’re looking for.

  • Monetize your biggest asset, creating generational wealth.
  • De-risk while staying engaged.
  • The comfort of being backed by one of the strongest global financial partners.

Agency Resources

Resources to help you grow.

By partnering with KAI, you gain access to exclusive resources that are specifically designed to help your agency in the areas of management, support, and growth.

  • Organic Growth
  • Agency Management
  • Claims Management
  • Partner Support Services
  • Carrier Relations


Keystone Agency Investors + Keystone Insurors Group

We share the mission of safeguarding livelihoods, bolstering businesses, and fortifying communities.

Our Keystone Partnership

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We are proud to partner with independent insurance agencies throughout the continental US.

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