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Building an independent insurance agency from the ground up is a huge investment. That dedication is exactly what we look for in KAI partnerships.

Keep running your agency with a partner by your side.

We seek agencies with owners that seek to continue managing operations after the sale. With a KAI acquisition, you can continue to run your agency and preserve what you’ve built with a partner committed to investing in your success. This helps keep the power—and your vision—in your hands.

We work alongside you.

Our goal is not to dictate how to run your agency, change your agency name, or force staff reductions. We invest in people, not policies, and will work alongside you and your team to help identify future leaders, enhance operational efficiencies, provide M&A expertise for future acquisitions you make, and provide the resources you need to accelerate growth and increase revenue.

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As a KAI partner, you’ll get the benefits of financial security, autonomy, exclusive agency resources, and more. Contact us to get started.

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