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Positioning your insurance agency for growth after the sale

By October 12, 2020Blog

KAI seeks independent insurance agencies that aren’t looking to sell and walk away. In fact, many agencies that pursue acquisition want more than financial security. They desire added resources that position their agency for future growth. KAI is uniquely positioned in this space.

Many national firms end partnerships once the ink dries; meaning, an agency’s assets, brand and reputation, staffing, and structure are up for dissolution. When KAI acquires an agency, their name and operations won’t dissolve. Instead, they become a partner within the organization, and a partial owner. Owners help drive decisions on additional services that KAI offers. As a partner, your personnel, name, and brand remain the same. Your management continue to run the agency.

Resources through KAI

As a partner, your clients and agency enjoy added resources through the power of Keystone, including:

  • Access to national markets with beneficial pricing and assistance in monitoring special marketing opportunities with carriers.
  • Producer evaluation, recruitment, benchmarking, and industry and sales training.
  • Capital, valuation, and due diligence expertise for making future mergers & acquisitions.
  • Claims, risk, and HR management that improve client safety programs, employee relations, and claims outcomes.
  • Intellectual capital sharing with other agencies who seek the same growth goals as you.

Independent, but with more power

Once acquired, our goal is to have your agency feel as though you are still independent and working on your own but with greater resources.

  • After acquisition, we will review your non client-facing operations to build greater efficiencies in licensing, carrier appointments, and accounting practices.
  • You continue to decide what Agency Management System(s) to utilize. KAI will work with you to find greater efficiencies on existing systems, or add-ons that can improve sales and service, and work with you to revise procedures as needed.
  • We will review your production staff, their sales pipeline, prospecting techniques, and data input methodologies, and determine what improvements in training, technologies, and benchmarking should be made.
  • We will audit your CSR staffing to determine if changes in procedures could make quoting and account processing more efficient. We have a consultant with expertise in CSR account management tactics who can work with your staff to upgrade performance.
  • We will also review your books of business to identify markets that may offer greater business incentives or alignment with the industries you serve.
  • The KAI team will work with your agency for further acquisition opportunities and will back your agency with capital and resources partnering with you to complete them.
  • These actions will be wrapped into an overall business plan and strategy for growth in the next 3-5 years.

If you’re interested in learning more about a KAI partnership, click on the Join Us section and fill in your interest today.